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A farm & arts environment for individuals of all abilities


(the following farmers are both current CSA Members and former Farm Apprentices in past seasons)


My name is Ahren Nicholas Emmanuel Trinklein.
I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters and a wonderful mom & dad.  I love my family very much.  I get to visit my brothers and sisters throughout the year as they do not live at home anymore. We always have great fun together.  It is especially good when we are all together at the same time. I really enjoy working on the farm.  My friends, Marisa and Matthew, help me and make farming fun. My favorite place is Disney World.  I also love to watch Disney movies.  I like the Power Rangers too.  I have a girlfriend named Jackie.  I also have a dog, Koda.  He is a great friend and sleeps with me every night.


John has been a part of the farm mentorship program since 2012, first with SustainAbility Farm and now with Orkestai Farm.  John's dedication to a rigorous exercise routine keeps him in farm shape all year, and coupled with his enthusiasm for work in the great outdoors, has earned him the unofficial "mulch-master" title at Orkestai.  When he is not mulching, mowing, hoeing, planting, weeding or harvesting delicious and beautiful organic veggies, John can be found jogging, hiking, painting and cooking up the farm's bounty.  On and off the farm, John is an avid music fan and welcomes the chance to play DJ for friends and family (as long as everyone likes Taylor Swift, played as loud as possible).


My name is Colin and I am 24 years old.  I have been working on the farm for three years.  When I am working on the farm, I feel content and useful.  I enjoy watching our plants sprout & grow.  I especially like to harvest and sample the crops!  I originally came to the farm because I am passionate about our earth and preserving nature and our environment.  I have a vegetable garden at home and I compost and recycle almost everyday.  I enjoy being outdoors. 

I am most proud of my certification as a Pet Therapy Team with my dog, Ripple.  We visit senior residences and college campuses.  I also horseback ride, play piano, read books and comics, drink coffee, shakes, smoothies and kayak in New Hampshire.  Ripple comes, too!


My name is Colin.  I am 22 years old and from East Norwich.  This is my first year on the farm.  I think it is very hard work.  I like watering, planting, weeding, seeding, mulching and harvesting. When I am not on the farm, sometimes I hang out with my friends.  We go on trips like bowling and mini-golfing.  I also work at Trader Joes and Not Just Art.  I really like coloring, puzzles, games and spending time with my family.  My mom, my dad, and my older sister, Kara come to see me on the farm sometimes.  They are very proud.


My name is Nicholas John Leo Haffey.  I am 27 years old.  I am from East Meadow.  I live with my Mom & Dad.  I have 1 brother and 1 nephew.  This is my 3rd year working at the farm.  I work one day a week for a full day.  I have learned a lot about farming in the past 3 years. I like planting eggplants, tomatoes, beans, beets and lettuce.  I enjoy watering the plants too.  I have done mulching and weeding also.  I enjoyed telling people about the farm at our recent 5% Day at Whole Foods Market.

I work at Best Market Supermarket 4 days a week.  I got to Life's Worc day hab 1 day a week where I volunteer at a Nursing Home, a Senior Center, Goodwill and Head Start.  I like working with people at work, day hab and the farm.  I enjoy volunteering and helping people.

My other interests and hobbies are : kickboxing, basketball, golf, bowling, card games, bayblades and Yugioh cards.  I like to watch Power Rangers, Criminal Minds, CSI Miami, Flash Point, Law & Order and Law & Order SVU.  I would like to play in a Yugioh tournament.


I am a farmer of many years.  I love it.  I'm especially fond of mulching.  I like knowing my food is organically pure.  The mulching is fun.  I like to play hockey too.

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