An educational farm & arts environment

A farm & arts environment for individuals of all abilities

Community Cultivated Agriculture (CCA)

A yummy, creative, educational opportunity to be a member of our farm!

CCA is a program in which members - individuals, families, or partners (friends, co-workers, neighbors) - receive both a weekly share of locally & sustainably grown produce they themselves help grow AND hands-on experiential and experimental programming in agriculture and the arts. At the core of the CCA program is an inclusive community emphasizing community-building and integration between people with special needs and a diverse community.


  • Experiential farm learning  on Mondays and Wednesdays and Saturdays.

  • The option to stay (or come early) for Noon lunch hour with your fellow farmers

  • A weekly share of the harvest (enough for two people who eat vegetables as a main course, or a family of four who use vegetables as side dishes).

  • Free Access to Expressive Agriculture Events : when family, friends, CCA members, and the general public creatively and artfully enjoy the farm together.

  • Access to the Planting Fields’ trails, greenhouses, and natural spaces.

  • A certificate of completion at the end of the season.

Our season runs from:  Saturday May 5, 2018 - Saturday October 6, 2018.

Membership Fee: $695. Membership fee non-refundable, non-transferable.


Orkestai Farm is deeply rooted in the belief that wholesome, local, and organically-grown produce should be available to everyone; this also includes access to quality agricultural and arts programming. Nevertheless, we acknowledge the many challenges that arise in translating this belief from theory to practice. For this reason, our uniform CCA pricing - at $695** for 22 weeks of a share and programming - was developed with the issue of inaccessibility in mind. We invite anyone interested in joining our community to contact us, regardless of their socio-economic circumstances or other factors.

EMAIL: info@orkestaifarm.org        PHONE: 516.817.6420

**$695 is the equivalent of $31.59/week for 22 weeks of a veggie share and unparalleled programming. Our 2018 season runs from Saturday May 5th (opening day) to Saturday October 6th (end-of-season gathering). We expect our first harvest to occur by mid-June (when share distribution begins), though we will provide agricultural and arts programming commencing with opening day.

To learn more about the CCA, please read our FAQs:

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