An educational farm & arts environment

A farm & arts environment for individuals of all abilities


Becoming  a Farm Apprentice-Member:

1. Contact us.

2. Set up an initial tour of the farm so we can meet each other and you can see the space & ask questions.

3. After an initial tour, if you are interested in participating in Orkestai Farm's Apprenticeship program, we can assist you with financial & scheduling logistics.

4. Upon becoming a member, we will meet again to talk about your personal goals for the season, as they relate to your apprenticeship at Orkestai Farm.


If you think you would like to participate in our farm Apprenticeship, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with next steps.

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Name of Parent / Guardian (if applicable)
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Orkestai Farm  -  Oyster Bay, NY  -  2014  -  all images copyright Orkestai Farm 2014.