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Ballaro Dance @ Orkestai Farm: Harvest Moon (special offer)


Ballaro Dance @ Orkestai Farm: Harvest Moon (special offer)

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Join Ballaro Dance @ Orkestai Farm in Oyster Bay, NY for an open-air feast for the senses to celebrate the Abundance of the Land and the efforts of Orkestai’s Farmers of All Abilities. The evening will include a variety of farm-to-table hors d' oeuvres prepared by local restaurants; a dance performance in the field by Ballaro Dance; music by Sirianni, Lauter and Stoller; a violin feature by Orkestai Farmer Emma Su; locally crafted beer and Wild-Foraged Hard Cider; and thoughtfully selected organic wines.

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Ballaro Dance presents a summer performance series titled Open Air featuring dance in outdoor spaces across five cities in New York State and Connecticut: Manhattan, Brockport, Buffalo, Sandy Hook, and Oyster Bay. Set in unique places (like community gardens, rooftops, and on farms) the dancers will interact with each space through site-specific performances; some locations will also share a traditional concert of repertory by choreographer Marisa f. Ballaro on stage. 

Each venue's program will be reflective of its own distinct identity. The Company will build community and engage audiences of all ages through their energized approach to modern dance. Open Air: Oyster Bay will be a collaboration with Orkestai Farm, an educational farm & arts environment. Ballaro Dance will perform site-specific explorations in various regions of the farm, concluding just as the sun sets. The audience will be encouraged to participate in the experience traveling in small groups from location to location, collecting tokens from nature along the way. The performance will culminate in a large group celebration of the harvest at Harvest Moon, an annual fundraising event produced by Orkestai Farm.  

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